Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to lose 5 kg in two days

Last Friday, I was admitted to hospital to enable Lower GI Endoscopy to be carried out and surgery to be done to my bleeding piles. On the day before the procedures, I was asked to take a laxative at 5.00p.m. to purge my large intestines of all the faeces. I had a hard time running to the loo five or six times before I did not have to urge to release things from my anus. At 5.00 a.m. on last Friday, I had to take another laxative to completely clear my intestines of the remnants of the faeces so that the endoscopy can be done.

Do you know what? When the nurse weighed me in the hospital, I lost five kilograms within two days! I wonder how heavy the colon's contents weigh.

Anyway, if it is a way to lose your weight this fast, do you dare to do it?

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