Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reflection on last year's life experiences

For the last one year, I have not been productive in terms of writing posts for readers' perusal. I hope to be able to write more things in 2014 - Year of the Horse.

My preoccupation of last year was to look for ways to live a healthy life. I have learnt of quite a lot of food to avoid and the ones that are of benefit to me. It seems that simple vegetables such as sweet potato leaves, amaranth and 'hong tay chai' or king's vegetables contain goodness for our health. One of these has been picked as '10 top anti-oxidant food'. Sweet potato leaves belong to this group. Hence you should cook more dishes with sweet potato leaves. However, excessive consumption of this vegetable can be too 'cooling' for the elderly and they may suffer from weak knee.

I also engaged myself in the world of languages, learning from Tamil to Japanese. My very purpose is to sharpen my mind and prevent my brains from dementia. Jawi writing also took up some of my time. If you are left-handed, writing Jawi will be very much easier for you.

Applying force on acupuncture points to promote health also interested me  for the last one year. I marvelled at the wisdom of ancient Chinese who had discovered acupuncture.

Being religious, I still listen to dharma talks by monks. I like every talk of  Rev Suvano. The late monk delivered his talk in Hokkien and there are always interesting stories related to Buddhism that he included in his dharma talk.

So much for my reflection on last year's life experinces.