Friday, October 8, 2010

Kew Leong Yar celebration is here again

Kew Leong Yar or the Nine Dragon Dewas celebration starts today. Devotees will observe a strict vegetarian diet every day for nine days to ask for blessing from these dewas. Along the roadsides will of food stalls selling vegetarian food for this purpose. You cannot miss them because there will be a yellow piece of cloth bearing the four words 'Jiu long da ti' or Nine Dragon Great Dewas to tell the public that the food is meant for this celebration.

A wonderful about these dewas is that it will definitely rain on ninth day when devotees send the dewas back to the sea. There originated from the sea and is believed to be the nine sons of the Dragon King under the sea. Dragon King is known to bring rain to Earth as is the belief of the Chinese. Hence it makes sense that there will be rain here and there during these nine-day period.