Monday, March 26, 2012

Weight loss

Weight loss is the concern of most obese people. By this I mean those whose BMI or Body Mass Index is beyond the normal range. BMI is calculated by diving the body weight in kg by height (in metre) squared. For example, I am 1.60 metre and 60 kg in weight. My BMI is 60 / 1.6X1.6 which is 60/2.56 and my final BMI is 23.43. I am normal in weight and height because the normal range is 18.5 to 24.9.

Those with BMI exceeding 24.9 is overweight and those below 18.5 is underweight.

The former group will think of ways to effect weight loss so as to fall within the normal BMI range.

You can achieve your weight loss through dieting, that is cutting down on the intake of fat, starch and sugar. Exercising regularly will also enable you to cause weight loss in your body.

My friend tells me of a way to bring about weight loss. According to him, when you have your lunch or dinner, start by eating the vegetables and meat first because by then your stomach will have been filled with food and fluid and you will eat less of rice.

If your state of being overweight is due to hormonal causes, you will have to see your doctor to rectify it so that weight loss will be rendered possible.

Proper diet and exercising are the best ways to solve the problem of having to think of ways to effect weight loss to your body.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to remote control your computer at home

I have learnt of a way to remote control your computer at home and I would like to share this knowledge with readers of this blog.

Suppose you need to do something using the computer at home. It may be to transfer a file, to download a file and others.

There is a free software for non-c0mmercial use which you can use to do the above task. It is called teamviewer. You can download it at free of charge. With this software you can manipulate the computer at home even if you are at your office. However, you have to install the software in the computer at home and the one in your office or somewhere such as in your friend's house. After doing that, you just need to key in the ID generated by the software and the password for the computer at home. In this case, you can set a fixed password which you can create by clicking the extras folder and create the password which you can use when you are at your office. Once the software connects you to the computer at home, you can manipulate your home computer as if you were sitting right in front of it. How wonderful!

Happy downloading teamviewer and start remote controlling your home computer from your office or your friend's house.