Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Movie-going Pair

When I was teaching in Jerantut, Pahang I spent most of my evening going to the Tees to watch black and white TV or going to the cinema with Jimmy Ho, my buddy then. There were two cinemas in Jerantut but I can't recall the names right now. Anyway, there would be a movie that attracted both of us in either of movie-screening houses. I used to fetch Jimmy with my Honda C-70 bike (ridden all the way from Penang with my friend, Yong Cheng Suan who is still in Raub) when we wanted to see any movie of our choice.

We liked centre-corner seats and we were given H1 and H2 seats every time I put my hand in to pay for the cinema tickets. The ticket-seller must have recognised the Citizen watch I was wearing then. After the show Jimmy would be in my rented house in Ruby Garden chatting with my housemates Tan Ching Hong, Boo Ching Kee and Simon Ching.

Later Jimmy further his studies in India after obtaining a scholarship to do an engineering course there. Since then I have not heard of Jimmy until my student Shirley Teh told me the he married her cousin and had three children.I hope Jimmy is as pink in health as he was then.

The photo of us is below this post. Look at the bell bottoms of our pants. It was the fashion then. He towered over me in this photo taken 38 years ago.