Sunday, July 31, 2011

Zhong Yuan Jie

Today is the first day of Zhong Yuan Jie or the Ghost Festival. Ghosts are supposed to be released from hell during the seventh moon of the lunar calendar.

Some people will avoid going out at night for fear of meeting the bad ghost that may harm them. The Chinese will definitely not choose this month for getting married.

In Malaysia, opera shows will be held in various parts of the country in connection with the above festival which is also known as Wu Lan Shen Hui. In some places, instead of the traditional opera show, modern singing and dance troupes will be performing. Usually, money will be raised for the Chinese primary schools for their building funds during such performances.

According to Buddhism, ghosts do exist as they are one of the six realms who undergo samsara or suffering until they achieve nirvana when there is no more rebirths into the six places. Some people do possess 'yin yang' eyes and are able to see 'them' but most of us can't. Some people can have the hair-raising sensation when talking about ghosts which really exist. I belong to this group of people.

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