Monday, August 22, 2011

How to check forgetfulness and boost brain power

I was waiting outside the physician's clinic when I spotted a poster telling us how to check forgetfulness and boost brain power. I would like to share the tips with readers here. Here it goes.

Step 1: Learn a new skill such as using the computer or operating some gadget or simply using the left hand for right-handed man

Step 2: Follow a routine, that is do the same thing every day in the same pattern

Step 3: Use memory tools such as a calendar where you write what you intend to do.

Step 4: Spend time with friends and family. Talking makes your mind work all the time.

Step 5: Play memory games such as zig saw puzzle, sudoku, cross word etc

Step 6: Make association or connection. Use landmarks to remember places

I do agree that learning a new skill activate the mind. Learning a new language is a very good way of making the mind work and reduce forgetfulness as you will have to remember new words in the language to make learning the language meaningful.

As for associating things to remember the things we want to remember, it really works. For example, the last four digit of my IC is 5183 and I remember it by associate 51 with Labour Day (May 1st: 51) and climbing the hill for 83 as it sounds like 'pa shan' which in Mandarin means 'climb the hill'. Hence when I think of myself climbing the hill on Labour Day, I will remember the last 4 digit of my IC number.

Solving crosswords always challenges the mind and makes it sharper as one cracks his head over the word to be used to fill the squares.

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