Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Count up to 100 when you start to flare up

In Buddhism, one of the three things to be avoided is hatred. When someone harbours hatred towards a certain person, he will go all out to condemn him, scandalise him, scold him or even murder him. Hatred often gives rise to anger which is not only bad as it bears negative karma but only bad for health. The Chinese physician will tell you that anger will harm the liver.

Those who are always angry are paving their way to the hell realm. In such a realm, beings are always quarrelling, and stabbing each other with sharp objects. They are so used to hurting others that when they are reborn as human beings, the traits are always there. Such people will not give in and they are the 'kneah-su' (afraid of losing) lot.

If we do not want to go to the hell realm, abstain from getting angry. Count up to 100 when we start to flare up and after a lapse of doing nothing but counting mentally, maybe we can forget about wanting to get angry. Why not practising forgiving others? If someone annoys you, just treat him as one of those whom you annoyed in your last life who are here to give you back what you had given him then.

Let us forgive and forget when someone hurts you physically or verbally. As long as we can subdue our anger, we are getting ready to go to a better realm when we leave this world.

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