Friday, April 22, 2011

One into two and now two into one

Looking at the title, you may wonder what I am trying to say. Well, it has to do with Socso or Social Security Organization or Perkeso (Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial) in Malay.

My sister-in-law passed away in 2003 and her parents benefited from this scheme by being able to receive monthly dependent benefit (something like pension) of RM243.08 each month. The full share is 4/10 of the monthly salary of the daughter which was about RM1200 at that time.

Then this year, my father passed away. The cheques in his name still kept coming. So I brought them back to the Perkeso branch in Penang and was told that I could help my mother-in-law to get her late husband's share credited into her account. Hence my mother-in-law can now receive RM486.16.

The above is a case of one into two (the dependent benefit is equally divided between parents) and now two into one (the husband's share and the wife's is combined and she gets the full share).

Parents who have children working in the private sector should know this benefit in case something bad happens to their working children.

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