Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today is Qing Ming Jie again

Today, most of the Chinese will be graveyard bound as they will be paying homage or respect to the deceased relatives by cleaning up the grave and offer items such as paper money, cakes and meat for prayer. It is Qing Ming Jie again.

The purpose of having this festival is to show filial piety to the elders especially the ones who have passed away. When the Chinese are at the site of their relatives' graves, they will start to do weeding and cleaning up the grave after which praying to the deceased is done.

Nowadays, it will be a good get-together for relatives who will return from all places just to show respect to the late relatives. Going up the hill slope is actually good exercise for us.

Today is the actual day of the festival but the Chinese can go the graveyard ten days before or after to pay homage to the dead ones.

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