Saturday, February 12, 2011

How I do ocr in Windows 7 64-bit environment

When I purchased my Dell desktop last, it came with preinstalled Windows 7 64-bit. While 64-bit environment runs faster, it inconveniences me as my FineReader 6 OCR software cannot access my Canon LiDE 20 scanner.

After some searching in the Internet, I downloaded VueScan and it can be run under Windows 7 64-bit environment. Then I thought of an idea to do OCR with the scanned files.

First, I will scan the text using VueScan and save under jpeg file. Then I will start FineReader 6 to read the scan file. It works and that is how I am able to use my old dear FineReader to scan text through the image done by VueScan earlier.

I suppose sometimes we have to do things in a roundbout way to achiever our aim.

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