Thursday, February 10, 2011

At Midnight today is Thnee Kong Seh

The Hokkiens will pray to the Jade Emperor (Thnee Kong) tonight at midnight. It is to commemorate the event of them being save from extermination in ancient time when they took shelter in a sugarcane plantation. Hence the compulsory item for tonight's praying session is the sugarcane. Other praying items include ang koo (red glutinous rice cake), mee koo (red coloured buns), huat kuih (prosperous cake), bit chien (skewered sweets), bee koe (swee glutinous rice) and nogr siew th'ng (pink padoda-shaped candies).

Although firecrackers are banned, you will never miss the sound of firecrackers the moment midnight arrives. The din can be quite deafening at times.

Happy praying to the Jade Emperor on His birthday today.

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