Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thumbs up for Windows backup

I had a busy week retrieving some of my important documents since my Windows crashed because of my 'cleverness' in resizing Drive C, resulting in my Drive G completely wiped out when my earlier Windows back up restored my PC to the Dell fresh environment as bought. Imaging my heartbreak when many of my 'masterpieces' cannot be revived. I have two unformat software to get back the files in Drive G of my hard disk and I had to wait for 4 hours for each of them to prepare the environment because restoration work can be donw. Alas, after that I could still not get back a single file because the preview showed 'rubbish' rather than the text I wanted to see.

From now on, I will stick to the principle of saving any single word document in Drive C, Drive G and my USB in order not to suffer the same fate as I did just a week ago. From my experience, the Windows back up is still the best solution. The rescue disk can boot up your computer and you can have it look for the back up file saved on another external hard disk.

I hope all readers will do the same to safeguard their system by having Windows back up your system, files if needed and have it create your rescue disk too. As for the backup image file, it is better to have two copies in case one should fail you. Likewise, prepare two rescue disks too should it fail to boot up your computer.

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