Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Affixes meN_i and meN_kan Part 2

In Part 2 of affixes meN_i and meN_kan, I shall construct 12 sentences using two of the 18 words given. These are anugerah and beri.

The word 'anugerah' with its suffixes:

1 a) Sultan itu menganugerahi ketua kampung itu gelaran J.P. [Rule 1]
[The Sultan awarded the title of J.P. to the village chief.]

b) Sultan itu menganugerahkan gelaran P.J.M. kepada Pegawai Daerah itu. [Rule 2]
[The Sultan awarded the title of P.J.M. to the District Officer.]

c) Pengetua sekolah itu dianugerahi gelaran P.J.K. oleh Sultan itu. [Rule 3]
[The Principal of the school was awarded the title of P.J.K. by the Sultan.]

d) Gelaran A.M.N. dianugerahkan oleh raja itu kepada pemimpin itu. [Rule 4]
[The title of A.M.N. was awarded by the King to the leader.]

e) Ahli politik itu akan beta anugerahi pingat P.J.K. [Rule 5]
[I will award the title of P.J.K. to the politician.]
[Note: I cannot use 'saya' or 'awak' here because the word 'anugerahi' is used for royal families when used in the first person. Hence I used 'beta' as if the Sultan speaks through me as the Sultan uses 'beta' when he refers to himself.]

f) Gelarann A.M.N. akan beta anugerahkan kepada pemimpin itu. [Rule 6]
[I will award the title of A.M.N. to the leader.]

The word 'beri' with its suffixes
1 Saya memberi pengemis itu semangkuk nasi berlauk. [Rule 1 ]
[I gave the beggar a bowl of rice with dishes.]

2 Krishnan memberikan sebatangn pen kepada adiknya. [Rule 2 ]
[Krishnan gave a pen to his brother.]

3 Kakak diberi seratus ringgit oleh ayah. [Rule 3 ]
[My sister was given one hundred ringgit by my father.]

4 Sebuah komputer diberikan oleh ayah kepada abang. [Rule 4 ]
[A computer was given by my father to my brother.]

5 Leman akan saya beri buku lama ini. [Rule 5 ]
[Leman will I give this book or grammatically: I will give this book to Leman.]

6 Kek ini akan saya berikan kepada anak jiran. [Rule6 ]
[This cake will saya give to my neighbour's son or grammatically: I will give this cake to my neighbour's son.]

We shall meet again when you frequent my blog for Part 3 of the posts to come.

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