Thursday, January 13, 2011

Affixes meN_i and meN_kan Part 3

Welcome back to Part 3 of this post. In this write-up, I shall deal with two more words of the group. They are 'hadiah' and 'jatuh'. Here they are.

The word 'sudah' with its suffixes.
1 Lina menghadiahi adiknya sebuah telefon bimbit. [Rule 1 ]
[Lina gave her brother a mobile phone as a present.]

2 Saya menghadiahkan sebuah buku cerita kepada adik. [Rule 2 ]
[I gave a story book to my brother as a present]

3 Nazri dihadiahi sebuah jam tangan oleh abangku. [Rule 3 ]
[Nazri was given a watch as a present by my brother.]

4 Sebatang pen dihadiahkan oleh Muthu kepada Ali.. [Rule 4 ]
[A pen was given by Muthu to Ali as a present.]

5 Adik akan saya hadiahi sebuah kamus. [Rule 5 ]
[My brother will I give a dictionary as a present or grammatically: I will give a dictionary to my brother as a present.]

6 Sebentuk cincin akan saya hadiahkan kepada kekasihku. [Rule 6 ]
[A ring will I give to my lover as a present or grammatically: I I will a ring to my lover as a present.]

As for the word 'jatuh' and its suffixes, look at the following sentences:
1 Hakim itu menjatuhi pengedar dadah itu hukuman mati. [Rule 1 ]
[The judge passed the death sentence to the drug pusher.]

2 Hakim itu menjatuhkan hukuman mati kepada pembunuh itu. [Rule 2 ]
[The judge passed the death sentence to the murderer.]

3 Pesalah itu dijatuhi hukuman penjara selama dua tahun. [Rule 3 ]
[The wrong-doer was sentenced to two years' imprisonment.]

4 Hukuman selama lima tahun dijatuhkan oleh hakim itu kepada penculik itu. [Rule 4 ]
[The judge passed a sentence of imprisonment for five years to the kidnapper.]

5 Pembunuh itu akan saya jatuhi hukumann mati. [Rule 5 ]
[The murder will I pass the death sentence or grammatically: I will pass the death sentence to the murderer. (I assume myself to be the judge in this case.)

6 Hukuman mati akan saya jatuhkan kepada pengedar dadah itu. [Rule 6 ]
[The death sentence will I pass to the drug-pusher or grammatically: I will pass the death sentence to the drug-pusher.]

I hope you have got the hang of constructing sentences using the 18 words based on the rules I give in my earlier post. If not, keep following this blog until you have the chance of reading all the 108 sentences I intend to make before concluding the post.

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