Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Affixes meN_i and meN_kan Part 7

I am sorry to be unable to write something in this post for a week. Here I am again, to continue my post on the affix meN_i and meN_i involving 18 words. Here are two more words whose sentences I will construct now.

The word 'hujan' (rain) with its affixes.
1 Pemberitahu itu menghujani menteri itu pertanyaan tentang projek itu. [Rule 1]
[The reporter bombarded the minister with questions about the project.]

2 Wartawan itu menghujankan pelbagai soalan tentang isu itu kepada pemimpin itu. [Rule 2]
[The journalist put forward various questions about the issue to the leader.]

3 Ketua itu dihujani pelbagai soalan tentang rancangan itu. [Rule 3]
[The leader was bombarded with various questions about the programme.]

4 Pelbagai pertanyaan dihujankan oleh penduduk kampung kepada penghulu itu. [Rule 4
[Various questions were put forward by the villagers to the village headman.]

5 Ketua itu akan saya hujani pelbagai pertanyaan tentang hal ini. [Rule 5]
[I will asked the leader various questions about this matter.]

6 Pelbagai pertanyaan akan saya hujankan kepada pemimpin itu.
[Various questions will I put forward to the leader.]

In the above sentences, 'menghujani' means 'shower someone with questions' and 'menghujankan' carries the meaning of 'bombarding questions towards someone'.

When it is silly to do direct translation from Malay to English, I used the active voice in the task.

The word 'bekal' (supply) and its affixes
1 Pekedai itu membekali kami barang keperluan harian. [Rule 1]
[The shop owner supplies us with things of daily need.]

2 Lembaga peperiksaan membekalkan kertas tulis kepada calon peperiksaan. [Rule 2]
[The examination board supplies writing paper to candidates]

3 Keluarga Ali dibekali barang keperluan harian oleh pekedai itu. [Rule 3]
[Ali's family was supplied with things of daily need by the shop owner.]

4 Barang keperluan harian dibekalkan kepada kami oleh pekedai itu. [Rule 4]
[Things of daily need were supplied to us by the shop owner.]

5 Adik akan saya bekali kertas untuk membolehkannya menulis karangan tambahan.[Rule 5]
[I will supply my brother with paper to enable him to write additional essays.]

6 Kertas akan saya bekalkan kepada adik supaya dia dapat menulis karangan itu. [Rule 6]
[Paper will be supplied (by me) to my brother so that he can write the essay.]

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