Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Affixes meN_i and meN_kan Part 8

For today's post,I will only deal with one word of the meN_i and meN_kan group of words for sentence construction. The word intended is 'hidang'.

The word 'hidang' (to serve with food) and its suffixes
1 Kakak menghidangi para tetamu minuman. [Rule 1]
[My sister served drinks to the guests.]

2 Ibu menghidangkan kek kepada kawan-kawanku. [Rule 2]
[My mother served cakes to my friends.]

3 Para tetamu dihidangi air sirap oleh kakak. [Rule 3]
[The guests were served with syrup by my sister.]

4 Kek dihidangkan oleh kakak kepada kawan-kawannya. [Rule 4]
[My sister served cakes to her friends.]

5 Ali akan saya hidangi minuman kegemarannya. [Rule 5]
[Ali will I serve his favourite drink.]

6 Jus oren akan saya hidangkan kepada Ali yang datang ke rumahku.[Rule 6]
[Orange juice will I serve to Ali who comes to my house.]

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