Sunday, January 30, 2011

Affixes meN_i and meN_kan Part 11

For the 11th post of the series meN_i and meN_kan I will deal with the word 'tugas' (duty) and its affixes. These are the sentences I constructed to show how the six rules for the word are applied.

1 Encik Lee menugasi pekerja itu kerja yang ringan sahaja. [Rule 1]
[Mr Lee gave the duty of doing an easy job to the worker.]

2 Majikan itu menugaskan kerja yang berat itu kepada Hussin. [Rule 2]
[The employer gave the duty of doing a difficult job to Hussin.]

3 Krishnan ditugasi untuk menyiapkan laporan itu. [Rule 3]
[Krsihnan was given the duty of completing the report.]

4 Kerja itu ditugaskan kepada pekerja baru itu. [Rule 4]
[The job was given as a duty to the new worker.]

5 Adik akan saya tugasi untuk membersihkan halaman rumah kami. [Rule 5]
[My brother will I give the duty of cleaning up our courtyard.]

6 Kerja itu akan saya tugaskan kepada Ali. [Rule 6]
[That job will I give to Ali as a duty to perform.]

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