Monday, January 31, 2011

Affixes meN_i and meN_kan Part 12

For today's word to include in the series meN_i and meN_kan, I shall deal with 'cerita' [story]. Here are the six sentences governed by the rules I mentioned in Part I of this series.

1 Dia menceritai kami pengalamannya semasa berkhemah di dalam hutan itu. [Rule 1]
[He related to us his experience while camping in the jungle.]

2 Johan menceritakan pengalamannya kepada kami. [Rule 2]
[Johan related his experience to us.]

3 Kami diceritai nenek pengalamannya semasa pendudukan Jepun di negara ini. [Rule 3]
[My grandmother related to us her experience during the Japanese occupation in this country.]

4 Kejadian itu diceritakan oleh Ali kepada kami. [Rule 4]
[The incident was related by Ali to us.]

5 Ibu akan saya ceritai pengalamanku tadi. [Rule 5]
[Mother will I relate my experience just now.]

6 Kejadian itu sudah saya ceritakan kepada mereka. [Rule 6]
[I have related to them this incident.]

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