Thursday, November 18, 2010

Travelling widens our horizon

I just came back from an eight-day trip to Yunnan, China. It was a tiring but interesting journey to the land of the minority people of China. There are altogether 55 ethnic groups in the People's Republic of China and all of them can be found in Yunnan.

Besides being able to see the culture of the three ethnic groups here, namely the Yi in Kun Ming, the Bai in Dali and the Naxi in Li Jiang, I got to experience the cool atmosphere here - 6 degrees Celsius. If I had not put on my thermal wear, I did not know how I could stand the cold here.

This trip really widens my horizon. I shall tell readers more about my experience in future posts in this blog with some of the 600 photos I took with my Ixus 105 Cannon digital camera.

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