Friday, November 19, 2010

Saying 'Do not step on the grass' in a subtle way

When I was travelling in China recently, I was attracted by the signboard by the side of land with grass. It tells the public in a subtle not to step on the grass. Look at the signboard. I shall explain what the Chinese words mean and the hidden message it tries to convey to you.

The heart-shaped signboard reads "If little legs do not simply run about, the grass will keep smiling.' Through these ten words, we know very well not to step on the grass because the grass will smile to us if we leave the grass intact and not step on it.

This is actually the play of psychology. If you ask a child not to do something, he will just do it to find why he is not allowed to do it. Hence, if you tell a child not to step on the grass, he will just do the opposite. Some adults behave like children too.

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hazeleyed lady said...

...reverse psychology.