Monday, November 8, 2010

How to begin a sentence with "Being"

I have not been writing about tips on English and in this post I shall tell readers how to form a sentence that begins with "Being".

Let us look at the following sentences:
1 I was very curious.
2 I asked the boy how he could tell my name correctly.

You can use 'Being' as the start of a sentence to combine the above two sentences to produce the following sentence.
Being curious, I asked the boy how he could tell my name correctly.

Now how about joining the two sentences below to form a sentence beginning with "Being".
1 He was in a hurry.
2 He tripped over a stone.
If you imitate the earlier sentence formed, you will have come out with the following sentence.
Being in a hurry, he tripped over a stone.

You can form sentences that begins with "being" by writing two sentences, and the first sentence must contain "is", "am", "was" or "were". The following examples will make this clear to you.

Example 1: I am a girl. I like to look beautiful. [Being a girl, I like to look beautiful.]
Example 2: She is snobbish. She will not greet any poor man. [Being snobbish, she will not greet any poor man.]
Example 3: It was sick. It walked slowly. [Being sick, it walked slowly.]
Example 4: They were very strong. They could carry heavy loads. [Being very strong, they could carry heavy loads.]

So much for making sentences beginning with "Being".

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