Monday, July 26, 2010

Two ways to restore my system

I related my failure in creating a rescue boot disk or Repair Disk Windows 7 64-bit under Windows 7 in my last post. Well, I later surf the Internet to look for one and a kind soul had put a torrent link for the said disc. Of course I seized the opportunity to download it.

I burnt the iso file to produce the repair disc. Being adventurous, I booted the disc and it worked and so I tried to restore the system which I saved earlier, risking a crash, of course. I was lucky as everything ran well and my Windows 7 stayed intact.

Now, I am more confident of restoring my Windows 7 should anything happen to the system because I can restore my system image system using Macrium Reflect or this present disc that I owned now. If one fails, I can use the other one to do the restoration of my system.

If you want the repair disc , then search the Internet and the torrent link for it is there. By the way, there is one for the 32-bit Windows 7 system too besides the 64-bit iso file that I downloaded.

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