Thursday, July 22, 2010

Backing up Windows using a free version software

I used to write about reinstalling Windows using Norton Ghost in
my earlier posts. In today's post, I am going to tell readers the free version of a software called Macrium Reflect which can do the same job. I used it to make an exact image of my smooth-running Windows 7 Home Premium. Then I created a self-booting Rescue Disk from this software. After that I risked crashing my Windows to restore my system. Well, it worked perfectly.

You can download Macrium Reflect from the following URL.

Follow my instructions to make an image of your computer and create a self-booting Rescue Disk.
1 Start running Macrium.
2 For backup, highlight C or whatever name you gave it.
3 Then go the bar on top to click backup.
4 For target disk, choose a local drive.

After this, go to Other Tasks on the top menu bar and click Create a Rescue disk. The software will create a boot disk for you. To try out, delete one program from your hard disk. Then boot your computer with this rescue disk and restore your system image. Now you can see that the deleted program is back to show that the restore function works.

I had actually tried to backup using windows backup software but I wasted three disks trying to create the so-called Repair disc Windows 7 64-bit but always ended with error message 0X0011002000001012 and gave up. Then I searched the Internet and found this useful software which I would like to share with readers here.

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