Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mum let me rest for a day

I was living in a fishing village when I was small. My dad was a fishmonger who would cycle to the housing estates to sell his fish and prawns. At that time, I was given only five cents per day for my breakfast which was a plate of fried mee. I would wait for the canteen man to finish frying his noodle before I dared to buy a plate from him. It had to part with my five cents when I got my food.

To help out the family, my mum would prepare jelly for me to sell in the village. It went on until I had to sit for my LCE (Lower Certificate of Education). On the eve of the exam, I begged my mum to allow me not to sell the jelly so that I had some time to prepare for the exam. She reluctantly agreed. Imagine how precious the time was when I used it to increase my chances of passing the exam. Luckily I passed and was promoted to Form 4.

Come to think of it. I really envy modern day kids who have all the time to themselves, yet they spend it playing computer games or fooling around when they should be studying.

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