Sunday, March 14, 2010

A card trick to share with readers

I like to watch magic shows. This evening I learnt a card trick taught by a magician in the show. I shall share it with readers of this blog.

Card Magic [Guessing the card picked by the audience]

You will need 9 cards for this trick.

1 Reshuffle the 9 cards in front of the audience.
2 Ask him to choose a card, memorise it and put it on top of your stack of 8 remaining cards.
3 After he has placed his chosen card on the top of your stack, draw the lowest card and place it on top of his card.
4 Tell the audience that you are going to reshuffle the card.
5 Place the first card on the table, then place the next card on top of it. Do so until five cards have been placed this way.
6 Put the remaining cards on top of the stack of five cards on the table.
7 Again repeat step 5 and 6.
8 Now, place the first card on the table again, then the second card until the fourth card. Then place the remaining cards on top of the stack of 4 cards on the table.
9 The seventh card from the reshuffled stack is your audience's card. You can throw one card at a time and when it comes to the seventh card, ask the audience whether this is his chosen card.

I have tried the trick several times and it works.

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