Friday, March 12, 2010

How to score in 1119 English in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the Form 5 students will sit for an English paper consisting of a Directed Writing and Continuous Writing as part of written work. The students will get two grades, one for English and for 1119 English.

The second grade depends heavily on Continuous Writing. To score in this section, my advice to students is write pick a title that enables you to write a story. The reason is to attract the examiner to read your story, you must make it interesting and to show your good command of the language, you must show you wide vocabulary and the apt use of words to convey whatever you want to tell the readers.

Grade A essays must be interesting in the story line, written in varied sentences, with a wide vocabulary and grammatically correct most of the time.

For students who want to score in 1119 English, you need to read a lot. Write frequently and study the sentences written by good writers.

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