Monday, January 18, 2010

Let us stay healthy always

If people ask me what matters most, I would answer 'Health, of course.'. I arrive at this answer after being ill myself and after being in the hospitals for two operations. I still remembered how I kept asking the doctor when I could be discharged. I just simply did not like to be confined to my bed, lying all the while.

To be healthy, one has to take the right type of food, exercise regularly and have the right attitude towards life.

We must avoid consuming lots of sugar and fat which are detrimental to our health. If one can forgo things delicious, vegetarian diet is the best food for our health. Even cancer patients in the West take vegetarian food while on medication to better their chances of having their cancer cured.

Exercising really helps to make one's heart function better. The easiest exercise is walking or going up stairs. If you go up stairs you work against gravity and you will pant for breath after some time.

Having positive attitude towards life means being contented with what you have. Greed will bring suffering as pointed by Buddha four thousand years ago. Just contribute whatever you can towards society and help whoever needs helping and you will have peace of mind - a state for the well-being of our bodies.

Let us stay health always.

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