Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Think in English and write in English

I finally found the boy who was like me when I started to learn English. He would asked me any word which I missed out in my explanation. Sometimes, he did not want to interrupt the lessons and opted to ask me after the class.

If you still remember the post I wrote about how I learnt English from scratch. I would arm myself with an English-Chinese dictionary and wrote the meanings of all the words whose meanings I did not know. It was this spirit of not leaving out any single word which I first came across that made understand what I was reading later in my schooling days.

The initial stage of direct translation for understanding is accepted but I still prefer learners of English use only English dictionaries with English explanation so that the train of thought in English will be there.

Think in English and write in English. This is my advice to master the English language.

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