Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stage Fright

I am sure most of us have the experience of stage fright. As for me, I usually suffer from stage fright. When I was still schooling, I used to take part in elocution contests. For the first few minutes, my hands would be trembling and the words that came out of my mouth seemed to quiver too. Only after that did I regain my composure.

Even as a teacher this stage fright did not leave me. For a few occasions, one local press invited me to give guidance on answering examination questions in Malay to students in Penang. I simply could not stop my hands from trembling and my voice still quivered forthe first few minutes. Although I had been told by my teacher to treat the audience as stones, this stage still clung to me whenever I was on stage.

I am now at ease when I am in my own class. The public seem to be the ones that trigger my
stage fright.

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