Thursday, October 8, 2009

The usage of 'diangkat' and 'terangkat'

The passive verb 'diangkat' which means 'is lifted' is used for pronouns of the third person such dia, mereka and beliau. Hence it is correct if we write:
1 Kerusi itu diangkat oleh beliau lalu diletakkannya di atas meja.
[The chair was lifted by him and then put on the table.]

2 Kotak-kotak itu diangkat oleh mereka untuk dibawa ke sana.
[The boxes were lifted by them to be carried there.]

It is write if we write:
3 Basikal itu diangkat oleh saya. [This basikal was lifted by me.]
The correct sentence should be 'Basikal ini saya angkat.'

As for 'terangkat' which means ' is able to be lifted' can be used for all personal pronouns.
For example, it is correct to write sentences such as the ones below:
1 Kotak yang berat ini terangkat oleh saya. [This heavy box was able to be lifted by me.]

2 Besi yang berat ini pasti tidak terangkat oleh engkau. [This heavy iron was surely able to be lifted by you.]

3 Batu yang berat ini terangkat olehnya. [This heavy stone was able to be lifted by him.]

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