Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The use of Malay words in Penang Hokkien

Besides being melodious in the sing-song manner Penang Hokkien is spoken, it contains quite a lot of Malays words. Some of these are listed below.

1 Gua balu (should be baru) khua tio ee niah. [I just saw him.]
The Malay word baru is used here, but pronounced as balu because in Hokkien there is no 'r' sound.

2 Lu takkan bei hiau meh? [Don't you know this?]
The Malay phrase takkan (tak akan) is used to mean 'don't' here.

3 Gua chang aik (pronounced as egg) eh si gua yong sa bun. [I use a cake of soap when I bathe.]
The Malay word sabun (soap) is used here.

4 Ee kau yin (should be kahwin) ka gua eh char boh khneah. [He married my daughter.]
The Malay word kahwin which is pronounced as kau yin by the Penang Hokkiens is used here.
5 Ee yong ba tu tim hee chiak kau. [He threw a stone at the dog.]
The Malay word batu (stone) is used here.

6 Gua su ka chiak liu lian. [I like to eat durians.]
The Malay words suka (like) and durian which is pronounced as liu lian by the Penang Hokkiens are used here.

7 Gua eh mak chu eh gu lai chin kneah lu mak. [The curry cooked by my mother is very creamy.]
The Malay words gulai (curry) and lemak which is uttered as lu mak are used here.

8 Ee chay tuah goh kha khi. [He sat on the corridor.]
Goh (five) kha khi (which in Malay is kaki) is the equivalent of kaki lima (corridor).

9 Ee kau gia som bong. [He is very arrogant.]
The Malay word sombong (proud) is used here.

10 Ee khi jam ban pang sai. [He went to the loo to defaecate.]
The Malay word jamban (toilet /loo) is used here.

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