Friday, October 9, 2009

The three meanings of 'melewati'

In this post, I will talk about the Malay language again. This time I will deal with words with more than one meaning. Let us look at the word 'melewati' which as three meanings.

The first meaning is pass by. You can make a sentence such as the one below.
Semasa saya melewati rumah Ali, dia sedang menelaah pelajaran.
[When I was passing by Ali's house, he was doing his revision.]

The second meaning of 'melewati' is 'through'. The following sentence will illustrate this.
Penulis memberitahu kita pentingnya memulihara dunia kita melewati novel ini.
[The author tells us the importance of conserving our earth through this novel.]

The third meaning of 'melewati' is 'skip' and it can be shown by the sentence below.
Untuk mengetahui kesudahan cerita ini, saya melewati bab-bab yang tidak menarik .
[To know the ending of this story, I skipped those uninteresting chapters.]

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