Saturday, August 1, 2009

Meeting a student who has become a doctor

At the hospital where I was treated for the dislocation of my jaws, an Indian man came to my bed and said, "You look familiar to me. Are you Mr Yeoh?" Then I asked him whether he was my student and he answered in the affirmative. I could not talk clearly because of my inability to move my jaws.

Later on a nurse came to tell me that the doctor wanted to talk to me. When I went to the doctor's table, he was the student who talked to me just now. He is now the medical officer of the hospital. Dr Ganesh then enlightened me that I taught him Malay when he was in Form Three. After completing his Sixth Form education in Methodist Boys' School, he furthered his studies in medicine at Universiti Putra Malaysia. He has been a doctor for thirteen years.

Through my student's help in arrangement for things to be done, things got expedited and I was relieved of my pain faster than should be. Through this blog, I would like to thank Dr Ganesh for his help when I was in predicament (Read yesterday's blog for details).

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