Friday, July 31, 2009

It happened again

This afternoon as I was doing some marking of students' work in class, my jaw bones dislocated again. It happened for the first time when I was teaching in Jerantut many years ago. You can read about it in my post under the label 'Reminiscence of Life in Jerantut'

I tried to pull my jaws in place but failed. The clerk then took me the a clinic nearby for help. The inexperienced young lady doctor was very diffident but she attempted a few times to pull down my jaws but he did have enough strength to do it. She wrote a referral letter to a dentist in the hospital near my place. The kind-hearted clerk volunteered to drive me there because I lost the ability to talk with my jaws locked and she served as my ‘mouth’ because I had told her what happened in writing earlier.

The dentist in that hospital could not relieve me of the pain too because he tried for nearly ten times but my stubborn jaws simply refused to go into alignment. Finally he recommended me to a surgeon. This time I was in luck because he had done the job before. Finally, with the help of his deft hands, I was able to talk again. He advised me not to yawn and not to open my mouth too wide to prevent a recurrence.

So much for this misfortune that gave me much inconvenience and anxiety.

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