Sunday, August 2, 2009

The joy of playing Scrabble

When I was serving as a teacher in St Theresa Secondary School, I enjoyed playing scrabble with my colleagues. One teacher, in particular, Mr Low Seng Hong liked the game very much. He would usually arm himself with a dictionary for reference should dispute over the validity of a word arise.

We did not play this game on normal school days. Usually we did it after the students had taken their PMR exam and we had more time to ourselves because they were grouped into a few classes and teachers took turns to guard over them. They would be then be playing chess of reading in the classes too.

I like playing scrabble because I will learn new words through the words formed by my colleagues. As I told readers in one of the posts, I would not like a new word escape my attention. If a dictionary is near me, I will look it up straight away. Otherwise, I will look for its meaning when I reach home. I have quite a number of English dictionaries and surely I can find it in one of them.

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