Friday, July 17, 2009

Three types of offspring

According to the play of karma, there are three types of children a father can have. The first category comes to repay kindness accorded to them in their past lives. As for the second group they come to repay debts while the last type is born to take back what is owed to them in their previous lives.

Children who come to pay back kindness to their parents are well-behaved from day one when they are born. They will take care of their parents until they pass away.

Those who come to repay debts will bring wealth to their families. There are cases where parents' wealth suddenly increases when such a baby is born because their baby belongs to this group.

The worst type of children to have are the ones who join your family to cause suffering and rid you of your wealth. One example is an infant who is always sick from young and parents have to spend a lot of money on medical expenses for it. Besides he or she will be very troublesome to be brought up too as they will cry and cry until parents cannot sleep at night.

What is mentioned above is always true and you can bear this up by asking your parents how they brought you up.

To counter the effect of type 3 children, parents have to chant the sutra of Earth Store Bodhisattva to repent and transfer the merit to enemies in the past lives. Besides, they have to do a lot of dana or donations.

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