Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lending a hand when someone needs it

I was inside my car, ready to drive off when a passer-by kept pointing at my front tyre. When I got off my Proton Iswara, I realised that my front tyre was flat. My wife suggested that I change the deflated tyre with the spare one in my boot. I agreed and started to take out the tools - a jack and a wrench to unscrew the nuts to remove the flat tyre.

I thought it was an easy job but it was otherwise. As the levering iron was missing from my boot, it was very difficult to elevate the jack so that the flat tyre was off the ground with my screwdriver doing the job. Finally I gave up and decided to contact a tyre shop.

At that time, a woman nearby was cleaning the drain outside her house. I approached her to find out where I could find a tyre shop. Out of my expectation, she volunteered to ask the tyre man to come. Without much ado, she rode her motorcycle to the shop and brought a man to help me change the tyre. When he left, I thanked the woman profusely. She said that we should lend a hand when someone needs help.

This incident shows that human beings are by nature kind and there will always be someone who will help us when we are in difficulty.

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