Thursday, July 16, 2009

Those were the days, my buddy

I still remembered how Yong Cheng Suan, my buddy and I went to most places with our Honda C70. We rode the same type of bike from Penang to Pahang, a distance of well over 400 miles. At that time, the traffic was not so heavy. However when a fast-moving bus passed by us, our bikes would be sucked towards it, making us nervous.

Yong Cheng Suan was posted to teach in Raub and I was sent to Jerantut which is 60 miles from his place. I used to travel to Raub all alone with my Honda C70 to visit him at weekends. As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I had to negotiate a total of 200 turnings before reaching Raub. It was a cool journey as the road flanked by leafy trees was cut off from the scorching sunlight.

I like to taste the 'ngaunam min' (noodle with cow's stomach wall slices) and bitter gourd fried in fried bean curd. I also enjoyed putting up at the house where Cheng Suan squatted with a pastor as it was as cool as an air-conditioned house.

I even joined the trip with Cheng Suan's students to Cameron Highlands. Those were the days.

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ycsuan said...

Dear Brother Teik Hai,
We finally get in touch again, after a break of so many years ( at least 5 years, if I am not mistaken).
By reading your posts('Those were the days, my buddy" & 'Have bikes will travel' on 20 Jan 2008), old memories flashed by, scence after scence, vividly, Tears rolled down my cheeks. I just couldn't help it!
Our classmate, Chiang Khim Pheow came to KL on 10 July. I went to KL on 11 July to meet him. A reunion after 41 years! We talked and talked for hours. I asked him about you and he gave me your blogspot address. Thank him.
I am still in Raub, retired from teaching 3 years ago. I am now giving a bit of tuitions to some secondary school students.
Hope to meet you when I go back to Penang later of the year.
With best regards.
Yong Cheng Suan