Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How I make full use of my mobile phone

Although I own a very old model of mobile phone,that is Nokia 6020 which has a memory of only 2MB, I make full use of it to keep some data which I can access.

In the message function, I key in important numbers, my tuition time-table, the number of students in my class which can be updated easily. In the memo section, I set the phone to ring to remind me of dates on which I need to carry out some tasks.

When I go shopping, the calculator helps me to calculate the price per kg of certain goods for comparison. I even converted four of my favourite songs into amr format so that they can be played on my tiny-brain mobile phone.

When I set my mobile phone' language to Chinese, the calendar enables me to know which days the first day and 15th day of the lunar calendar fall on because I take vegetarian breakfast on these two days.

The wallet with password is the place where I keep bank account numbers in case I need them.

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