Monday, July 27, 2009

The day of savouring 'rendang' and 'ketupat'

Looking back at my days in school as a government teacher in Pahang really brings back fond memories.

When I was posted to Jerantut Secondary School, I really enjoyed teaching. Firstly, the students were well-behaved and I had no disciplinary problems with them. Secondly, I had the chance to mix with them during sports practice. I liked to run with them and show them how to throw the discuss or shot put, all of which I had learnt when I was at a teacher’s college.

Teacher’s Day was another day I looked forward to. Besides the class party where special food was offered to teachers, I got to watch their performance on stage, only to realize that they really had latent talent which was tapped on such a day.

My Principal, Cikgu Yaakub Isa always invited us to his house for Hari Raya Aidilfitri feast. I really enjoyed savouring the ‘rendang’ and ‘ketupat’. According to him, one year he slaughtered a goose for the ‘rendang’ but I still liked it as it was very sumptuous.

So much for some recollection of the old days in Jerantut.

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YAAKUB ISA said...

What a happy life that we experienced and enjoyed in Jerantut!

Thanks for bringing back those good and lovely experience...