Sunday, July 26, 2009

What constitutes a good blog

I have been blogging since November 2007. From visiting blogs almost every day, I find that a good blog should be interesting and original. A post should not be too long unless you have a lot of photos to show like the 40 photos I put up in my post entitled 'Down Ipoh Lane in Penang' This post is very popular as can be seen from the feedit that I used to trace visitors.

Preferably a good blog should be written in good and grammatical correct English if it is in English. The ideas written should be original so that it differs from the posts of other bloggers.

A blogger should pen his posts regularly. It can be weekly or daily. The frequency of posts will attract readers to your blog because they will have something to read should they come anytime.

Your posts should have style of your own. For example, I usually end my post with 'So much for (something I have penned for the perusal of readers).

So much for criteria of a good blog.


excloudstrife6 said...

good contents really make your blog useful to others...

Anonymous said...

If you only update your blogweekly you wont have enough fresh material for blog readers to peruse.I update daily and as much as possible, I concur with the thesis that if the blog is in English then it should be correctly spelt,I personally have come across many sites from Asia where the blogger has written very poor English which only hampers his/her's efforts.
Keep up the good work,and hold your head high.