Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mass Support determines the outcome of an event

I just finished watching the final contest of a reality show - the Ultimate Power Group Contest over 8TV. The three finalists had to present three songs in the three-round show. Initially, the all-girl group of Yatou led by marks given by the four judges. However, the second highest score-holder, that is, Friendz had greatest mass support through SMSes.

The scores given by the judges after the second round showed that Friendz was in the lead with Yatou tailing behind while the other group, the Star Group occupied the third position.

Although the average score after the third round still had Yatou in second position and the Star Group occupying the third position, the final results surprised all due to mass support. What I mean is the Star Group was in second position with Yatou having to accept the third position.

Hence Friendz walked away with the RM100,000 prize.

The above show proved that mass support really determines the outcome of an event.

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