Sunday, June 7, 2009

Making others happy

Not many people like to be criticized, scolded or ridiculed. Yet most of us are too willing to criticize others, scold them when there is any opportunity to do so and we also find it fun to ridicule others. If only we switch roles to be the other sides who are subjected to our criticism, telling-off and ridiculing.

From now on, let us see the good side of other people. Praise them generously, not amounting to flattering. Practise forgiving others for their mistakes and sympathize with the unfortunate plight of our fellow beings. Only with mindset such as these will we be able to rid ourselves of the three bad things we often bestow upon others.

If we praise others, they will like us and will be too willing to help us when we are in difficulties. It is a case of good begetting good. Likewise, forgiving others is a good thing to do as no one is perfect in this world. Why put others to shame when we can jolly well have compassion for the unfortunate ones?

In short, make others happy instead of bringing shame to them.

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hazeleyed said...

...if only everyone of us could practice such...then our world will become Heaven