Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't force your wish on others

I learn quite a lot of things through reading, surfing the Internet and watching television shows.
Recently I watched a series about the work of social workers. One of them has to face the objection from his father in his effort to help the disabled. The father is unhappy because this son of his refuses to succeed him in his business.

Both men are very unhappy because one party cannot accommodate the wishes of the other. Through many incidents that befell the father, including his deaf and dumb child gaining his recognition, the father finally comes to realise that as a father he has no right to force his wish upon his son who has no interest in business at all.

At the end of the show, the father allows the son to get involved in the job that he loves best, working as a social worker to serve the needs of the disabled. Now, this is a win-win situation. As the son has told him once, "If you still insist that I help you in your business, you will be very frustrated because I won't as I have to help those who need my presence more."

Since then, the father and son are on very good terms with each other. The father is happy and so is his son.

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