Monday, March 30, 2009

Writing and me

Writing has been part of me since I was schooling. I liked to write essays, be they Chinese, Malay or English ones. I believe that the love of a particular language will make one study deeper into it and gain a better insight of the ins and outs of it. Writing in the language we study is of utmost importance. After playing with words and experimenting using them, guided by the correct grammar, one will improve by leaps and bounds.

One year, I only knew that my essay was published in the school magazine when we received it from our form teacher. It was an essay entitled 'An Attempt at Cooking'. My English teacher, Susie Quah must have taken it from my essay book. My writing also found its way into the scout's bulletin when I described my experience in a camp I attended. The only article in Malay was published in Mastika, a Malay montly magazine which is still in circulation today. I talked about biomass and it was about 1000 words in length and I was given RM90 as royalty. I still kept the very issue of Mastika for remembrance.

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