Saturday, March 28, 2009

It is 'sao mu' time again

I went to the graveyard of my late father to do 'sao mu' (cleaning up the grave) in conjunction with Cheng Beng Festival - a day for the living to pay respect to the dead. They can do this by cleaning up the mess (grass growing on the grave) and clearing unwanted and overgrown grass around the grave.

It is a good thing to show respect to our forefathers. Those who do so usually will have a good life, as is the belief. In Buddhism, respecting one's parents who have passed away brings merits.

I was with my sister and her husband this morning, clearing the mess around my late father's grave. As we were doing this, I had a chance to talk with my sister and knew about what transpired during the lapse we did not meet. We stayed in different parts of Penang and we only meet during occasions such as this.

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