Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Teaching is not an easy job

Teaching is not an easy job. You have not only to be able to impart knowledge to students but to discipline them too. With regulation that prohibits teachers from caning students for doing wrong, the teachers' hands are really tied and can't do a thing except to scold their students when situation warrants it. The scolding itself will cause damage to their cars too because the students who are reprimanded by their teachers may go after the teachers' vehicles such as cars by scratching them.

Besides, a teacher needs to have a loud voice so that the students at the back of the class can hear him. Talking loudly in this way really strain the vocal cords. Hence all teachers must take honey regularly to keep their voical cords in good condition. The voice is very important to a teacher as it is used daily to carry out his duties in class.

After school, a teacher has to mark exercise books handed in by his students. In Malaysia, a class can easily come to 40 students. Imagine the amount of time to be spent marking those exercise books.

Usually a teacher is in charge of a game, a club or a uniform unit. In other words, he has to be with the boys or girls when co-curricular activities are being carried out.

These are but some of the things a teacher has to do.

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