Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sometimes our old faithful does fail us

I have restored my Windows many times with the help of Norton Ghost 14 Recovery disk. Today, however, I could not do it because the recovery program failed to accomplish its task. Hence I had to reformat my Drive C before reinstalling my WinXp. The system played hide and seek with me three times because, the instruction kept saying ‘Insert a boot disk’. After a tedious three hours of reformatting and reinstalling I managed to get my system back to normal. Incidentally one of my hard disks died a natural death after serving me for six long years just two days ago. Maybe that had caused Windows to keep going to the ‘grave’ while doing its job of installing but I dared not disconnect it because I was not familiar with the cabling system inside the computer.

I suppose all of us have to face this type of problem any time when our system hangs or goes too slow for us to bear.

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