Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some useful information about kidney disease

I had a chance to listen to a talk on kidney disease and how to prevent having to undergo dialysis. According to the nephrologist, we should have our urine analysed to make sure no micro-albumin is present. It can be a sign that your kidney is having some problems of doing detoxification. It takes a long time for the kidney to turn so bad that dialysis need to be done or the kidney transplant is done.

The case of a badminton player who is only 21 years old yet needs dialysis shows that he need not have to undergone it if he had done urine tests regularly for the last ten years, assuming that it takes ten years for the kidney failure to really takes effect.

The doctor's advice is that we should have our urine screened annually so that early detection of the presence of micro-albumin can be done and medical action taken immediately.

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